AK: Bartender Builds Legacy in Pelican

This is AK on Alaska News Nightly. Today we’re launching this new show within a show, but really we should say we’re reviving it. Many of you may remember the hour long AK that went off the air in 2008. Regrettably we can’t bring back the whole show, but each Friday Alaska News Nightly will include a shorter version of the award winning program. It’s a chance to look at the quirkiness of Alaskan life, finding the unique stories that don’t make their way into the traditional news line up.

And there is no better place to start then in the Southeast town of Pelican, where a woman named Rose has spent the last 38 years serving drinks and sometimes dinner to anyone who finds her bar along the city’s short boardwalk. She has become one of the town’s major tourist attractions. And she’s made friends far and wide – something that becomes apparent every time she has a birthday.

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