Free-Range vs. Over Parenting

On Tuesday, June 7 at 2pm and 7pm


What’s your parenting style – laid-back or helicopter? Do you let the kids run free or do you hover? Where do you draw the lines between cautious and fearful; encouraging and pressuring; and healthy exposure and over-protection? Research shows that kids these days are safer and healthier than in other time in history – so why all the worry?

Tell us: Where do you fall on this parenting-styles spectrum?

Host Shana Sheehy will be discussing these questions next time on Kids These Days! with two special guests – both possessing an abundance of insight and lots of humor concerning this topic. Lenore Skenazy (aka the “World’s Worst Mom“), author of Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children Without Going Nuts With Worry will be joining us from New York. And right here from Alaska we’ve got Michelle Mitton in the studio – you may already be a fan of her hugely popular mommy-blog Scribbit.

Also this hour we bring you a look at urban vs. rural Alaska parenting styles, talk bear awareness, adults remember how much freedom they had as kids in a new installment of When I Was Young, and meet our latest mentor hero, Junior Gisa of AK PRIDE  in a brand new Power of One.

Be sure to tune in next week for this all new, 100%  stranger danger-free episode of Kids These Days!

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