TSA Official Meeting With Alaska Social Service Providers

Wednesday, an official from the Transportation Security Administration will meet with Alaska social service providers in an effort to find ways to make airport security procedures less intrusive and traumatic.  The TSA is responding to prodding from Senator Mark Begich, who has called TSA officials on the carpet a few times in Washington.

Alaskans are among those who have been complaining about invasions of privacy and groping since state Representative Sharon Cissna went public about her refusal to fly because of the way TSA dealt with her breast cancer scars.  The audience on the public radio call-in show “Talk of Alaska” today was no exception.

Begich responded that while he understands there is a need for heightened security measures in an era of terrorism, it appears that the TSA may in some instances have gone too far, and increasing numbers of Alaskans are letting him know that.

Begich said Alaska has a lot of rural residents and elders who could be rudely shocked by the kind of security procedures now common for travelers outside the state, and he says there is a “level of dignity that TSA needs to provide.”

According to Begich aide Julie Hasquet, among participants in tomorrow’s meeting will be those who treat victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, developmental disabilities and cancer survivors.

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