“Not A Cappuccino” Filming in Eagle River

This month on Alaska Radio Reader Rambler, Anchorage-based, independent film makers, Annia Wyndham, Janna Shaw and Eric Hayden stop-by to talk about Not A Cappuccino, a romantic comedy currently being shot at Jitters coffeeshop in downtown Eagle River.  The group talks about making the transition from stage to screen and shares a story about recruiting two extras on their first date at Jitters.

HOST: Sandy Harper and Dick Reichman


  • Annia Wyndham, “Wendy”, Producer, Co-writer, Not a Cappuccino
  • Janna Shaw – “Lisa”, Producer, Production mgr, Co-writer, Casting, Not a Cappuccino
  • Eric Hayden, “Vincent,” Producer, Director, Production mgr, Co-writer, Editor,Not a Cappuccino

ORIGINAL BROADCAST: May 30, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.

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