Drugs These Days

Whether it’s something like “Spice” you can get over the counter, prescription pills swiped from the bathroom cabinet, today’s marijuana or something else – let’s face it – the Drugs These Days are different than when adults were growing up. Ever heard of “bath salts”? They’re not what you think…

Next time on the program we’ll learn what’s out there today, talk about how parents and caregivers can keep an eye out for drug use and find out what efforts are being made statewide to address contemporary problems. Joining host Shana Sheehy in the studio are a local K-9 unit AK Trooper who also serves on the DEA task-force – he knows what’s out there and how it gets into the hands of youth; a prevention educator from the National Guard’s Drug Demand Reduction tells us what works and what doesn’t with kids; and the clinical director of a local residential program for addicted teens walks us through recovery.

Plus, hear from teens themselves on what they think about using drugs; a look at the positive side of risk behavior reporting; and find out about a brand spanking new campaign that will aim to address the “social norms” surrounding marijuana use.

Be sure to tune in next week for this all new, informative episode of Kids These Days!

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