Coping With Caregiver Stress

On Tuesday, May 17 at 2pm and 7pm


On Kids These Days! we talk about issues of interest to caregivers raising children, and children doesn’t always mean young kids under the age of twenty. Everyone is someone’s child, and everyone is part of a family – caring for family members is a reality for people of ALL ages. It’s not an easy job, either, there is much emotion wrapped up in seeing to the everyday needs of someone you love.

We’ll look at Caregiver Stress from three different angles: caring for the chronically ill, caring for aging parents and caring for a mentally ill family member. Sarah Gonzales is in for Shana Sheehy this week, and joining her in the studio are Gary Barg, founder of Today’s Caregiver magazine; Francine Harbour, director of the Anchorage chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness; and Sandra Kerns, program developer and manager for Oncology Support Services at Providence Alaska Medical Center where she also oversees the Susan Butcher Family Center, The Healing Arts Program, and Clinical Support Groups

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Also on this hour: We’ll explore the Sandwich Generation – a term to describe the growing number of adults who find themselves caring for the children in their lives while they’re also caring for aging loved ones. Plus, we learn about how little kids cope with stress in their young lives.

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