Florida Judge Puts Stay on Own Health Care Order

Lori Townsend, APRN – Anchorage

The Florida judge who ruled the federal health care legislation to be unconstitutional in January, released a second ruling in the case today – putting a stay on his own order, saying the Affordable Care Act is currently law and states must abide by it until it is finally upheld or thrown out on appeal. The judge wrote that it would be ‘extremely disruptive and cause significant uncertainty’ to halt implementation. The judge told the Obama administration that they must appeal his order within seven days, or his prior ruling will stand.

Alaska was one of the states that was a party to the suit. When Judge Roger Vinson first ruled the act unconstitutional, Governor Sean Parnell declared that decision the law of the land, saying the state would no longer implement aspects of the federal act. He said he based his decision on Attorney General designee John Burns legal counsel. But Governor Parnell didn’t see today’s ruling as a big setback.

Governor Sean Parnell speaking on today’s ruling on the federal health care legislation.

State Senator Hollis French, who has been critical of the Governor’s position, is happy with today’s ruling. He says the way is now clear for the state and lawmakers to start implementing the reforms the act puts into place.

The U.S. Department of Justice indicated today they will immediately appeal Judge Vinson’s decision and seek an expedited hearing.

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