Hometown, Alaska: Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Awards

Recipient of the Distinguished Artist Award, John Luther Adams speaking at the May 18 individual artist awards event. Photo is courtesy of the Rasmuson Foundation.

Yesterday, the Rasmuson Foundation made 29 Alaskans very happy. They were named recipients of individual artist awards to pursue their passions. The most prestigious went to Fairbanks composer John Luther Adams. He’s the seventh Alaskan to receive the Distinguished Artist Award of $25,000. Fourteen other Alaskans received project grants of $5,000, and seven received Fellowship awards of $12,000.

Today on Hometown, Alaska, host Kathleen McCoy talks with Cassandra Stalzer of the Rasmuson Foundation about how these artists got so lucky and what they’re planning to do with their money. Why does the Ramuson Foundation support artists? In tight economic times, often it’s the arts funding that goes, but the Rasmuson Foundation has remained steadfast. Why do they put their faith in art?

Photographer Hal Gage, a second-time recipient, will join us in the studio to talk about his work and his award. And we hope to hear from some other recipients about their projects during the second half hour. And for those inspired by today’s program, the next application deadline is March 1, 2011. Learn more on this afternoon’s Hometown, Alaska at 2:00 pm.

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Kathleen McCoy, independent journalist


  • Cassandra Stalzer, Rasmuson Foundation, Communications Manager
  • Hal Gage, photographer, recipient of a $12,000 Artist Fellowship


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