Off Mic: KSKA Listening to You

A note from KSKA’s Program Director, Bede Trantina:listen

Thank you so much for calling and writing to KSKA sharing your thoughts on the new program schedule. Our special Community Forum call-in with you on July 22nd went by so fast. Pat Yack, VP of APTI’s News and Public Media and I talked to 18 callers and read 10 of your emails with another 30 emails and web comments coming in after the show was over. As a follow up to our January 21st show, you gave us valuable feedback and wonderful comments about KSKA’s program changes to craft a schedule you helped create.

Your feedback on Community Forum on July 22 ranged from wanting to hear the loss of daylight after summer solstice, to inquiring about vintage programs, to encouraging better promotion of shows both on and off the air. We heard you ask that shows that were taken off to make room for the new shows be brought back. And, you asked us to explain the opportunities and limitations that are part of the process of making program changes.

Some of your requests were fairly easy to implement – like announcing the loss of daylight in our weather casts or giving more timely information in program promos. Others recommendations, such as moving Fresh Air back to 9:00a.m. is a bigger decision. Of the 58 responses to KSKA’s new program schedule, 13 requested Fresh Air return to 9:00 a.m. It was listener feedback and ongoing discussions in the community advisory council that prompted Fresh Air‘s move. Incorporating your requests to find daily, news programming utilizing diverse resources played a big role in selecting Here and Now from BBC/WGBH – Boston at 9:00a.m. following Morning Edition. We also heard you ask that Fresh Air be given another opportunity to be heard other than during the day. In finalizing the March lineup, KSKA’s mission, identity, demands on operation and engineering resources, budget, network broadcast agreements and sustainability were also taken into consideration.

One of the great things about programming for radio is nothing is in stone. The opportunity to make bigger program changes will surface next year and, once again your comments will be used to make thoughtful programming decisions. We appreciate you sharing your passion for KSKA with us.

We heard from many of you. Here are some of your comments:

Thank you for your input helping us make KSKA the best it can be.

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