Spring Pledge Drive 2009: Life is Better with KSKA


If you’ve received your pledge pin already, you know ‘Life is Better with KSKA’  is the theme for this year’s Spring Membership Drive. For the past week, volunteers from all over the community have been manning the phone banks, writing on our walls, and taking your pledges, asking why your life is better with KSKA. Here’s what you said:

  • KSKA makes my day! -Palmer
  • KSKA provides a great mix of news – local, national, and international (with both NPR and now BBC), feel good programs, and special events coverage. Your pleasant and thoughtful radio personalities are a joy to wake up to, and you make every day just a little bit better. Thank you! – Anchorage
  • KSKA makes drive to Anchorage bearable. -Wasilla
  • Public broadcasting in the US and Alaska in specifically are really high quality, and it’s all the more important to support public radio in these times of omnipresent change. -New Zealand
  • It’s nice to know I can still learn things. -Anchorage
  • Waking up to APRN, NPR, and the BBC news helps me stay connected and educated about my community and the world. Saturday morning programs help me relax and laugh with life. Other programs give me an in depth look into health, science and technology. All great stuff! -Anchorage
  • We do a fair amount of traveling and listen to public radio everywhere we go. KSKA is so much better than others we hear around the country. KSKA is my primary source of news. Always know I will get a thorough analysis as well as the events of the day. We love all the shows. -Anchorage
  • It’s radio with substance. -Anchorage
  • At a time when the news business is changing so much, and, quite frankly, when so much low-quality journalism is being produced by people who are well intentioned but not professional, your service is more important than ever before. Thank you for all that you do. -Anchorage
  • Well, we lived in Seattle for many years, and I always missed KSKA because of the folk music on the weekend. No public radio station had that in Seattle. -Anchorage
  • KSKA helps me get up in the morning. KSKA has been the other voice in the room for years! Many solo long winter weekends when living in Seward were survived with the help of KSKA programming. Thank you! -Davis, CA
  • With declining local newspaper reporting, KSKA fills the void with relevant, insightful pieces. It is the best source for technology and science news in Alaska. -Anchorage
  • You have great interviews with local candidates. Thank you. -Anchorage
  • KSKA is the baseline for intelligent media. -Wasilla

Whether you shared why ‘Life is Better with KSKA’ when you made a pledge, or if wrote on the wall when you stopped-by to help out with the drive, we love hearing from you. Thanks for listening and thanks for supporting KSKA, your public radio station.

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