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This week on AK, we go to Waste. We’ll find out the latest ways to reduce trash at the airport and learn how to prevent our old cars, tires and chicken coops from going to waste — through the power of Tradio. Plus, wasted fish, fish waste and kicking recycling up a notch in the Mat-Su Valley.

All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

Americans send 251 million tons of trash to the landfill each year. But part of that so-called “trash” could be someone else’s treasure. And by calling your local swap-and-sell Tradio show, you could make some treasure of your own. AK host Rebecca Sheir talks with local Tradio hosts Justin McDonald (KBYR) and Jake Thompson (KSRM) to find out more about this on-air garage sale.

Recycling at the Airport
Airports across the country generate millions of pounds of waste each year. Efforts to recycle at least part of that tonnage have picked up and now Anchorage International Airport recycles cardboard, scrap metal, even asphalt. APRN’s Annie Feidt speaks with recycling advocate Tom Johnston and “garbologist” Meredith Sorenson about how to reduce, reuse and recycle whilst flying the friendly skies.

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Wasted Fish
With summer comes fishing. And for years that meant Dan Przywojski and his family headed out to their set-net site in Bristol Bay. For them, fishing was about being out in nature; the fish were a bonus. But one summer in the late 1980s, that bonus was a little too big.

Wasted Fish, Explained
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says those occurrences are rare; processors and fishermen usually work together to ensure that processors won’t waste any fish. Slim Morstad, manager of the Naknek/Kvichak area of Bristol Bay for Fish and Game, explains.

Fish Waste
At fish processing plants, there’s a bit of dumping involved: i.e. the parts of the fish no one wants. And for about 30 years, fish processors have used a certain method to dispose of their waste. But what if the solution is worse than the original problem? Krestia De George spoke to Jim Thorne of the Prince William Sound Science Center and Lindsay Guzzo of the EPA to find out.

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Waste Not, Want Not
The City of Bethel was recently launched into political unrest after council member Willy Keppel was fined almost $19,000 for using a honey bucket. Now, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Alaska is assessing violations of the constitution. Shane Iverson has the story.

Much A-doo About #2
In recent years, dog owners have increasingly been expected to pick up after their dogs. But some owners have had a hard time adjusting. Like Tony Bickert.

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When parks and wilderness areas were created in Alaska, places suspected of being useful for their resources were excluded. But if land is put to use as a park or wilderness area, and no one visits the place, does that make it a “wasteland”? Johanna Eurich, along with Ralph Tingy, Katherine Johnson Ring Smith, and Brian Hoffman, introduce us to the least-visited national park in Alaska: Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve.

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Recycling in the Valley
For folks in the Matanuska Valley, recycling might be getting easier, thanks to a passionate group of recycling devotees: Valley Community for Recycling Solutions. As AK”s Ellen Lockyer tells us, executive director Mollie Boyer is a woman who’s made waste reduction her mantra.

Drumming Up North
A few weeks ago, we featured a story about a steel drum band in Palmer. Immediately, our brethren in Fairbanks let us know that their fair city is home to the world’s farthest north steel drum community — and they’re thriving, hosting guest stars like Ray Holman. Lacie Grosvold checked it out, and brings us this story.

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