AK: The Short End of the Stick

This week on AK we learn what happens to Juneau if the capitol moves, see what it’s like to live with autism in a small town, and revisit the Writers Guild strike with one of Alaska’s two WGA members. Plus, the science of leap years and an ex-NFL player who’s helping kids on the short end of the economic stick. All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

Leap of Faith
Were it possible for a month to get the short end of the stick, it’d have to be February. After all, how can a mere 28 days compete with 30 or 31? Sure, every four years — including this one — February packs a whole extra day… but why? With help from UAA physics professor Travis Rector and UAF science writer Ned Rozell, AK’s Rebecca Sheir gets to the bottom of the leap year mystery.

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Short End of the Economic Stick
Some students in East Anchorage may sometimes feel like they’re getting a raw deal, as they struggle with tough situations like schoolwork troubles, family problems, or poverty. But Ma’o Tosi, a former NFL defensive lineman and current Alaska Wild defensive end, is helping them out, with his after-school Pride Program. Amanda Compton has the story.

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Overcoming Autism’s Challenges
The cost and availability of special education services can complicate life for families living with autism in rural Alaska. But small town life can also offer some advantages. From Petersburg, Matt Lichtenstein brings us this story.

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300 Villages
Dry Creek

Capital Move
Bills that would move state legislative sessions out of Juneau are getting attention in committee hearings this year. The idea of moving the capital, or part of it, isn’t a new one. But what if it did happen? AK’s Scott Burton speaks with the McDowell Group’s Jim Calvin, realtor Mike Race, and the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council’s Nancy DeCherney to see what the panhandle city might be like if it weren’t the capital.

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Fishing for Answers
Alaska is synonymous with good fishing. But disputes often arise between sports fishers and seafood industry harvesters as to how many fish make up a fair share of the total catch. As AK’s Ellen Lockyer tells us, those arguments end up as proposals laid at the door of the Alaska Board of Fisheries.

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Reflecting on the Strike
February 12 marked the end of the 3-month strike of the Writers Guild of America. Of the WGA’s 12,000 members, two call Alaska home and we checked in with one of them during the strike: Dave Hunsaker, a Juneau screenwriter who’s collaborating on a film with George and Leonardo DiCaprio. Shortly after that conversation, the strike came to a close, so we called Dave again, to see how things have changed.

Sean Tracy
After years with the Panhandle Crabgrass Revival Band, front man Sean Tracy has collected musicians from across the region and produced Trouble, a compilation of songs he wrote himself. AK’s Scott Burton talks with Sean about the new album.

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