AK: Birth and Rebirth (Encore Edition)

This week on AK, we dig into the archives and present an encore edition of our “Birth & Rebirth” show from January 8, 2005. We’ll hear about boot camp for new dads and learn what it’s like to give birth in rural Alaska. Plus, meet an Anchorage resident who started her life anew… after surviving a kidnapping in Yemen. All that and more this week on AK from APRN.

Rural Alaska Birth
Rural women used to give birth at home, with traditional midwives in attendance; now most go to regional hospitals. Ashley Gross brings us this story about one Gambell woman’s experiences attending and giving birth.

Little Sis
A 13-year old recalls the day his little sister was born. Commentary by Dylan Hitchcock Lopez.

  • Music Button: “Sisters and Brothers” from Free To Be… You and Me

Mary Quin, Part 1
AK’s Gabriel Spitzer interviews an Anchorage resident who survived a terrorist kidnapping in Yemen.

  • Break: “We’re Gonna Make It” by Devotchka from Little Miss Sunshine (Original Soundtrack)

An Unexpected Altar
For one new father, the birth of his son was marked by a strange encounter with a dead moose. Commentary by Jonathan Bower.

  • Music Button: “My Little Buckaroo” by Doc Watson from Daddies Sing Goodnight – A Fathers’ Collection Of Sleepytime Songs

Daddy Boot Camp
On the very first AK, we met new dads training for their new role in life. AK’s Gabriel Spitzer checks in with two to see how it’s going.

  • Music Button: “A Father and a Son” by Loudon Wainwright III from History

All the World’s a Stage
Kerry Ann Byrd, a Colony High School English teacher close to retirement, plans to follow her dreams to New York’s theater scene. Patty Sullivan brings us the story.

Mary Quin, Part 2

Kidnapping survivor changes her life and moves to Alaska.

  • Break: “You Learn” by Jon Brion from I Heart Huckabees (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Teaching in Gambell
Two young new teachers meet Gambell school kids with optimism. Ashley Gross brings us their story.

300 Villages
This week, we check back in with new teachers in Ruby and Akiak.

Will Johnson
This Alaska singer-songwriter has been playing since high school. AK’s Ellen Lockyer has more.

The End, The Beginning

Mike Nelson’s death hit friends hard, but an unexpected reunion of sorts made it easier. Commentary by Scott Burton.

  • Closing: “Crosstown Traffic” performed by Soulive & Robert Randolph from Break Out
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