AK: The Five Senses (PRNDI 2007 Award-Winner)

This week on AK, we listen again to our national award-winning show, “The Five Senses.” This episode, from last November, recently took first place in a national competition hosted by Public Radio News Directors Inc. (PRNDI). We’re taking a late summer vacation and wanted to celebrate the win as well as share the winning show one more time. Enjoy! And we’ll be back next week with an all-new AK.

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Mental Vision
When you hear someone’s voice, you may get a certain image of what they look like, but that doesn’t mean it’s accurate. Just ask “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” host Peter Sagal. That’s what AK host Rebecca Sheir did, and here’s what she learned.

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Going Blind
A Homer man wrote a book to help people who are going blind, like he is. It’s called How to Go Blind and Not Lose Your Mind, and KBBI’s Mike Mason spoke with author Mike Harmer.

  • Break: “Love at First Sight” by 101 Strings Orchestra from Love Songs

Sniffing Britney Spears
Ellen Lockyer visited some of Anchorage’s perfume counters and was overwhelmed by the smells.

Chemical Sensitivity
People who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS, can have severe reactions to a wide range of chemicals. AK’s Ellen Lockyer investigates.

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Tanning Hides
An elder in Venetie is one of the few people left who practice the art of turning animal hides into buttery smooth soft leather. AK’s Ashley Gross paid her a visit.

Can’t Touch This
Karen Benning didn’t exactly enjoy feeling like the Thanksgiving turkey when she tried acupuncture.

  • Break: “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer from Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em

People with synesthesia have “crossed senses” so they may taste a number, or smell a person’s name. Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock looks into the neurological condition.

Unalaska Berries
The senses evoke strong memories for Rebecca Goodrich and her son – especially the taste of blueberries.

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Dancing King
Shelly Wozniak went out to visit the guy who dances on an Anchorage street corner each week. Interview with music.

The Sixth Sense
KTOO’s Jeff Brown tests his ESP powers over the telephone.

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