Talk of Alaska: Your Topic Here

We work hard to make Talk of Alaska, the weekly statewide call-in program on APRN stations, an interesting, insightful and timely program for Alaskans. As we look forward to new programs, we’d like to know what you think about potential Talk of Alaska topics and how we might approach them. We have some ideas we’re considering, listed below.

Please share your thoughts and ideas using the comment form at the bottom of this posting. Comment on the show ideas we listed or add your own ideas.

  • Does the state really owe all that money to the retirement fund?
  • Media Forum – the shrinkage of newspapers
  • UAA Debate Team returns to TOA and takes on the Polar Bear debate
  • What’s an Ocean Ranger? Implementing the new cruise ship law
  • What constitutes truly sustainable business development?
  • Economic prospects for rural Alaska
  • Are our courts writing our laws?
  • Health care cost and coverage
  • Fisherman’s marketing association tax
  • The controversy over dental health therapists in the Bush
  • Accountability of Native corporations
  • Re-criminalized marijuana
  • Is it time to junk the Missile Defense?
  • Are chefs a significant factor in marketing Alaska salmon?
  • What should a fiscal plan for Alaska look like? (Palin has suggested putting part of the Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve into the corpus)
  • As always, Alaska energy issues — from resource development to conservation
  • Rewriting No Child Left Behind
  • More “This I Believe” content from Alaskans
  • More on early childhood education
  • What it means to be an elder
  • Repatriating Native art
  • The right to die
  • What should teachers be paid?
  • Sheldon Jackson, schooling, missionaries and assimilation

What do you want to talk about?

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