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Anchorage will host the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics (WEIO) for the first time in the event’s 46-year history beginning July 18, 2007. The four-day competition will feature games based on ancestral hunting and survival techniques. Each competition focuses on a contestant’s strength, agility, endurance and sheer power of will; honoring skills that are still used and prized by Alaska’s vibrant Native culture. Hundreds of Native peoples from circumpolar regions around the globe will participate in this one-of-a kind event.

How have the games changed in nearly 50 years and how will they look in the future? We’ll talk with WEIO participants and take your live calls, e-mails and web comments.

HOST: Lori Townsend, APRN


  • Phillip Blanchett, member of Pamyua and a 14-year WEIO participant
  • Carol Pickett, WEIO Participant
  • Gary Hall, WEIO Participant

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